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Mark McCombs

Office Manager
Physical Therapy Technician

Mark graduated from River Hill where he played football all 4 years. Unfortunately, he suffered an ACL tear his senior year and required reconstructive surgery. Mark chose Catalyst for his rehab and his experience with this injury led him to pursue an internship after he was discharged as a patient. He joined the staff in 2012 as an exercise tech and is now our current office manager. Mark is also taking classes and considering pursuing a career in physical therapy. He is the father of two young children and remains active by playing ice hockey and working out at the gym.


Jason Nunn, DPT, CSCS

— Owner of Catalyst PT

Valeria Espada

— Physical Therapy Technician 

Mark McCombs

— Office Manager
— Physical Therapy Technician

Reece Gooden

— Physical Therapy Technician 

Carmelo Cimato PT, DPT

— Physical Therapist

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