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Tom Fugini

With a life-long passion for riding bikes spanning from the early days of BMX racing in the 1970s to modern-day bike park jump lines, I’ve been through more orthopedic surgeries and musculoskeletal injuries than most.  I have come to count on the sports-minded physical therapists at Catalyst PT to help me get back on the bike after some challenging injuries.  They are determined to get you back to doing what you love, constantly staying up to date with the latest techniques and equipment.  During PT sessions, you also have access as needed to the equipment within Chiseled Life gym – possibly the most complete training center in the state.


My first experience started with a third knee surgery following a re-torn ACL.  The recovery was slowed by painful osteoarthritis, caused by a complete loss of medial articular cartilage.  Surgically, my only option left was a total knee replacement – along with its undesirable activity restrictions.  Utilizing persistence and every tool available, such as BFR training, they were able to get me back on the bike with no surgery and no limitations.  The mental challenges of this recovery were sometimes as difficult as the physical.  This is where the team at Catalyst felt like an extended family, helping me push through.


Most recently, they helped me through a very challenging recovery spanning several surgeries.  A high energy impact anteriorly dislocated my shoulder, breaking off a significant fragment off of my shoulder socket as well as tearing my labrum and rotator cuff tendons.  This left my shoulder highly unstable without a fully functioning socket or tendons. After the surgeons skillfully pieced everything back together, I began the long journey to recovery in the care of Catalyst.  They guided me through the careful, steady progression of recovery, where re-attached tendons must first be allowed time to sufficiently heal.  (My repaired shoulder now has full range of motion and strength - and amazingly feels better than it did prior to the accident).  Unfortunately, as my shoulder recovery progressed well, I eventually learned from my doctors that I needed Tarsal Tunnel surgery on both ankles.  They worked relentlessly as we transitioned my recovery to these surgeries, also finding and correcting long-standing contributory flaws in my gait.   Their combination of determination, experience, and willingness to try new approaches helped me once again to return to what I love.  The sweet reward for me at the end of this long road was floating off the big jumps on Bryce Bike Park’s double black diamond Hooch trail this summer – something that often felt like a distant dream during my long recovery.  


As you enter Catalyst PT, on the wall you’ll see the Rocky Balboa quote: “it ain’t about how hard you hit.  It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”  It may be a quote from a movie, but it rings true as their mindset for everyone in their care.  They will do whatever it takes to help you get back up when life knocks you down.

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