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Calculating Betting Money in Soccer Betting: Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Over/Under “fast track”

Understanding how to calculate betting money in soccer betting is crucial for all bettors because the prize money is ultimately the goal of everyone when placing bets.

Many players on sports betting sites often choose numerous accurate betting options but end up with no profit. Meanwhile, some bettors who place fewer bets but win big do so because they effectively apply this money calculation method.

Understanding Soccer Betting Money Calculation

The calculation of soccer betting money follows the regulations of different types of bets, origins, odds, and over and under tips 

The most crucial factor in calculating soccer betting money is the "type of bet" and "betting odds." Understanding these two parameters is essential for bettors to grasp and effectively calculate.

1. Calculating Money in Soccer Betting: Betting Odds

Betting odds represent the ratio between the prize money and the amount bet by the player.

These odds are published by betting sites based on aggregated statistical data:

  • Total goals scored in past matches.

  • Probability of winning.

  • Factors affecting the quality of team play: health, weather conditions, team composition, schedule, etc.

Based on these factors, the betting site uses algorithms to calculate and provide the most reasonable betting odds.

2. Basic Calculation of Money for Soccer Score Betting

The amount of money won or lost in soccer betting depends on the odds offered by the betting site and the number of goals scored by the two teams.

Typically, players must deposit money into their accounts to place bets. If the bet wins, they receive their stake back plus winnings. If the bet loses, they lose their stake. Understanding how to analyze soccer betting odds ensures that the betting site correctly deducts money from the betting wallet.

>> what's an asian handicap bet ? Understanding this type of wager is crucial for soccer bettors aiming to navigate match outcomes with handicaps that can either benefit or challenge a chosen team's performance.

There are four main formulas for calculating soccer betting money, assuming money is bet beforehand:

a. Full win:

  • Winnings = initial stake + initial stake x betting odds (Odds).

b. Half win:

  • Winnings = initial stake + initial stake x 1/2 x Odds.

c. Full loss:

  • Money lost = initial bet amount.

d. Half loss:

  • Money lost = bet amount - 1/2 x bet amount x Odds.

These are basic formulas; more sophisticated methods of calculating soccer betting money are developed later on.

Most Detailed Calculation of Soccer Betting Money

In Vietnam, bettors often play European handicap, Asian handicap, over/under, handicap betting, and combination betting. The following details the calculation methods for these types of bets.

1. Calculating Soccer Betting Money: European Handicap

European handicap is denoted as 1X2 in the bookmaker's betting sheet. Here's what each part of 1X2 means:

  • 1: Bettor bets on the home team winning.

  • X: Bettor bets on a draw.

  • 2: Bettor bets on the away team winning.

a. Determining win or loss:

  • In European handicap betting, only the win-draw-loss scenario matters; the score does not.

b. Calculating money in 1X2 soccer betting:

  • To understand how to make a sports page, you must at least master this formula:

  • Win = Amount received = Initial stake amount + initial stake x betting odds.

  • Loss = Amount lost = Entire initial capital loss.

2. Calculating Money for Soccer Score Betting: Asian Handicap

The calculation in soccer betting for Asian handicap depends on the match result plus the handicap ratio to get the final result.

A bettor wins if they correctly select the winning team after adding the handicap number of goals (below).

Asian handicap odds have negative and positive values. The number of handicap goals ranges from 0 to an unspecified amount.

a. How to calculate betting money in Asian Handicap 0-0:

  • In this bet, both teams are considered equal. The betting result depends entirely on the score of the 0-0 handicap match 1 or the entire match.

If both teams fail to score a goal in the match, the 2 equal parties. The company will refund the money to the players.

b. How to calculate the odds of goal betting Asian: Tiền nhận được = tiền vốn + tiền vốn x odds. d/ Ways to calculate the played well some in" anche Ris Using


Understanding how to calculate betting money in soccer betting is fundamental for anyone looking to engage in sports wagering. Whether it's Asian Handicap, European Handicap, or Over/Under bets, knowing the intricacies of odds and bet types is crucial for making informed decisions and maximizing potential winnings.

By grasping the concept of betting odds, which reflect the relationship between potential winnings and the amount wagered, bettors can assess their risk and potential return more effectively. This understanding empowers them to choose bets wisely and the betting tips app download

Moreover, familiarity with different types of bets like European Handicap (1X2), Asian Handicap, and Over/Under allows bettors to diversify their strategies and adapt to different game scenarios. Whether predicting match outcomes, goal differentials, or total goals scored, each type of bet offers unique opportunities for profit.

In conclusion, while soccer betting can be complex, mastering the calculations involved enhances the enjoyment and profitability of the experience. By staying informed and leveraging betting strategies based on accurate calculations, bettors can increase their chances of success and enjoy a rewarding betting experience overall.


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