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Catalyst Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy is a privately owned outpatient physical therapy practice located in Howard County, MD that specializes in the treatment of orthopedic and athletic injuries in active adults and kids aged 9 and older. Being privately owned, our focus is offering the best service possible. 


Our physical therapy practice adjoins the world class Chiseled Life Gym so patients can augment their rehabilitation and functional exercises with state of the art gym equipment during their sessions. This is a unique opportunity our patients really appreciate. 


Catalyst PT is owned and operated by physical therapist Dr. Jason Nunn, an athlete who has been through significant surgery and injury rehabilitation himself. In addition to Dr. Nunn, the entire team has, at some point, been the injured athlete on the sidelines.


Our entire team understands how you feel as the patient in rehab with anxiety, pain, questions, and the fear of not being able to return to what you love doing. We are here to educate, inspire, motivate, and support you though the process.

Our experiences with injury and rehab are what drove us to be who we are today!


We are physical therapists committed to helping our patients return to what they love!


Catalyst PT offers preventive therapy to help you improve your biomechanics to help prevent future injuries. We help you identify and strengthen your weak areas so you are less likely to experience an injury from over using the strong side. Preventive therapy gives your body more resources when the unexpected slip, trip, or fall happens.

We routinely provide services for the following:

Sports injuries

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Acute and chronic pain

Pre-operative physical therapy

Pre-hab Service to address and deficiencies and prevent injuries 

Joint replacements

Auto accident injuries

Work injuries

Maintenance tune-ups for previous clients

Post-rehab personal training

Posture and flexibility issues

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We offer sport specific technique analysis so you can improve your game by improving your biomechanics. Sometimes the limitation in your swing or throw is physical, not technique driven. Our therapists are certified through Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)  on the Body-Swing Connection and OnBase University on the Body-Baseball Connection in regard to hitting and throwing. These assessments will help you understand the exact demands of your sport and how you can best work with your body for optimum performance. Often times our technique, and therefore our performance, are limited by our physical abilities, or lack thereof. If your sport performance is limited by pain, our sports physical therapists are trained in golf and baseball rehabilitation. If you do not have pain, but do have mobility, stability, or strength issues, then our sports certified trainers can help you address these deficits and unlock your optimal potential. We are not hitting or pitching coaches or golf pros! While we have a strong understanding, this is not our specialty. We are the medical and fitness specialists to aide your sports specialist or golf pro in achieving your maximum efficiency and performance! We will gladly communicate our findings with your coaches and work together to serve you!


Here are some common problems we treat:

Sports Injuries

Planter fascitis

Neck and back pain


Iliotibial band syndrome

Hip and shoulder impingement syndrome

Balance and gait abnormalities

Rotator cuff syndrome

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Many surgeons are now ordering pre-operative PT before a planned orthopedic surgery such as an ACL reconstruction or a knee, hip, or shoulder replacement. Pre-hab helps you address edema, range of motion, and begin the strengthening process of the weak areas so you’re ready for the repair and on the road to a speedier recovery. It also helps ease post-operative apprehension, becoming familiar with your therapist, clinic, post-op rehab protocol, and potentially any assistive devices, braces, or splints to be used.


Whether an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or just an “average joe” suffering from an injury---- Catalyst PT can help you get back into action in the fastest and safest manner possible!




Our practice uses an open floor plan as in collegiate and professional athletic training facilities, allowing therapists and patients dynamic communication. Patients rotate between performing their prescribed exercise program and manual therapy with their PT. Therapists may also work with the patient on specific exercises so they can actively see how the body responds and make adjustments on the spot. 


Two doors communicate directly with Chiseled Life gym where our patients use state-of-the -art equipment such as plate-loaded and pin select iso-lateral machines, Glute-ham developers, pendulum squats, belts squats, leg press, abductor/adductor machine, glute bridge and kickback machines, shoulder press, squat racks, deadlift platforms, sleds, plyo boxes, TRX, and more.


Our clinicians use a combination of functional movement screening, corrective functional exercise, manual therapy, and a variety of modalities to resolve symptoms AND address the underlying cause or dysfunction.


Our therapists and technicians closely monitor your session and help you move through your program, monitor your progress, and help you with technique.


Every patient is educated on the basic anatomy of their condition and is also given an explanation of how their plan of care will work to achieve their treatment goals.



Many of our patients report they are stronger and more flexible after going through our program than they were pre-injury. We attribute that to our commitment to identifying and treating underlying imbalances or dysfunctions that may be contributing factors to their injury. 


They also state that with their new understanding of their body and ability to maintain their mobility, stability, and strength with their home exercise programs, they feel more confident and prepared for activity.


Our patients appreciate that they are treated as individuals with a treatment plan specifically tailored to their injury and needs. They also appreciate that they feel heard when they report how they feel each visit and that their therapists actually address this feedback.


Catalyst PT prides itself on superior customer service and an unparalleled quality of care throughout your recovery.


But, we don’t stop there.


We are committed to helping you continue your health and wellness journey by offering post-rehab personal training, sport performance training, sport-specific screening, maintenance tune-ups, healthy meal prep services, nutrition and supplement services, and more!


Our physical therapists are well trained in a variety of techniques to treat your issues and regain optimal function. The techniques used vary depending on the injury, recovery path, and each individual. As a patient, you have a say in the matter too! If your therapist advises dry needling or cupping, for example, and you are terrified of needles or don’t want any cup marks, they will simply utilize the other tools in their bag! - catalyst shoot preview 828.jpg


At Catalyst PT, we want you to feel comfortable talking with us about where you are in your recovery. Your feedback helps us understand what is and isn’t working for you.


Therapists and technicians care about your progress and we want you to leave even better than when you came to us. We understand physical therapy is a hard journey with ups, downs, and plateaus that can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and challenging, both mentally and physically. We encourage you to let us know how you are so we can best help you on any given day.


When you come for your sessions, you’ll be given some dynamic warm-up exercises to start with if you’re able to perform them. If your injury doesn’t allow active warmup, we’ll use a heating pad to get you started. You will have a prescribed list of corrective exercises to work though.

Either your therapist or a skilled technician will help you know the reps, weights, and monitor your performance. As you progress, so will the level of difficulty of your exercises, constantly challenging your functional ability in route to your goals.


Depending on where you are in your journey and what benefits you most, your therapists may work on you right after you are warmed up, or they may let you move through your exercises before manually working on your injured area. 

Your therapist will spend time with you during each visit, using a variety of techniques to help you with your injury. Under their watchful eye, you’ll perform challenges to see where you are that day, what’s improving, and how they can best advance your healing journey in that session. The techniques used may vary on any given visit depending on what they feel is most helpful to you.


Don’t forget to come dressed for movement and easy access to the injured areas by your therapist. Bring some water and a towel for wiping sweat if you like. At Catalyst PT your therapy session will be an active workout! (Showers available inside of Chiseled Life Gym if needed). - catalyst shoot preview 126.jpg - catalyst shoot preview 367.jpg


One of the nice things about the open floor plan is it encourages a supportive and friendly atmosphere where therapists, patients, and technicians can easily communicate with one another. Many of our patients build friendships and encourage each other through their journey here in the clinic and beyond!


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As you enter Catalyst PT, on the wall you’ll see the Rocky Balboa quote: “it ain’t about how hard you hit.  It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” 


Owner of Catalyst PT

"Catalyst has helped me overcome injuries to keep me performing at the level I need to be for these activities. It has also helped me learn ways after my recovery to prevent future issues by incorporating new things into my training regimen."


Physical Therapist

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

"Jason and the Catalyst team have helped me through injuries since I was seven. But it’s much more than rehab for an injury as I know they are always there whenever I need them. I would not be the athlete I am today without Catalyst!!"

Office Manager

Physical Therapy Technician

"I was able to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I actually ended up gaining more physical strength and endurance than I ever had before PT. "


"From the very beginning, I came away impressed with his knowledge on how to treat my injury as well as his effectiveness for getting me back to 100%"

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