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Betting Odds – How Do Bookmakers Set Betting Odds in Football?

How to set football betting odds for the best chance of winning is a primary concern for many bettors.

Setting Football Betting Odds

In reality, setting football betting tips 100 is not difficult. Follow Wintips experts in the article below!

Draw No Bet (Handicap 0) – Draw Bet

In football betting, it is called Draw No Bet because it is equivalent to a 0 handicap. In essence, this is a balanced betting type.

If one side wins, it is considered a win bet; if the two clubs draw, the bookmaker returns the money to both sides.

Quarter Ball Handicap (0.25 Handicap)

Setting football betting odds in the form of a quarter ball handicap can be understood simply as the favorite club giving a quarter ball advantage to the underdog club.

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Accordingly, if the favorite club wins by 2 or more goals, they will naturally receive 100% of the bet. This figure drops to 50% if they win by just 1 goal. In the event of a draw, the favorite club loses 50% of the bet and 100% if they lose.

Half Ball Handicap (0.5 Handicap)

The half ball handicap (0.5 handicap) is understood simply, much like the draw bet. The winning side will naturally receive the full amount of the bet.

However, the difference lies in a draw result. In that case, the underdog club will take the entire bet. This handicap is similar to other handicaps such as 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc.

Three Quarter Ball Handicap (0.75 Handicap)

We have the three quarter ball handicap -0.5/1 or 0.75 handicap. This handicap is understood simply like the quarter ball handicap. However, the difference is that the underdog club only needs to draw to easily take the entire bet.

This handicap is quite similar to others such as (1.5-2); (2.5-3); (3.5-4), etc.

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Draw Bet – Bet 1

With a handicap bet of 1, you can understand that the result will be adjusted by +1 goal for the underdog club. Specifically, if the favored club wins by a margin of only 1 goal, the match is considered a draw between the two clubs. If the favored club wins by 2 or more goals, they will easily win the bet. Conversely, if the match ends in a draw or the favored club loses, the underdog wins the entire bet amount.

Half-Loss Bet – Bet 1.25 (5/4 or 1/1.5)

This is similar to the draw bet with a handicap of 1. However, with this handicap, if the favored club wins by only 1 goal, the bettor will lose half of the bet instead of breaking even.

Other similar handicaps to the 1.25 include: (2-2.5); (3-3.5); (4-4.5), etc.

Clear One Bet – Handicap 1.5 (Bet 1 ½)

With a handicap of 1 - ½ goal, this betting method indicates that the favored club only wins if there is a margin of 2 goals or more. Conversely, for all other results, such as winning by 1 goal, drawing, or losing, the underdog easily wins the bet.

Two and a Half Bet or Handicap 1.75

This is indeed a very significant bet, usually applied when there is a considerable difference in skill levels between the two clubs. The favored club needs to win by 2 or more goals to secure the win. However, if they win by a 2-goal margin, only half the bet amount is won; 100% of the bet is won if they win by 3 or more goals.

Naturally, if they win by 1 goal, draw, or lose, the favored club loses the bet.

Two Draw Bet – Handicap 2

This can be considered an advanced form of the 2 and a half bet. The favored club must win by 3 or more goals to win the bet.

However, if the margin is only 2 goals, the match is considered a draw. If the favored club wins by only 1 goal, draws, or loses, the entire bet amount goes to the underdog.

Handicap 2.25

In this bet, if the favored club wins by only 1 goal, draws, or loses, the underdog wins the entire bet amount. Conversely, if they win by exactly a 2-goal margin, the favored club wins half the bet. They win the full amount if they achieve a margin of 3 goals or more.

Handicap 2.5

For the favored club to win this bet, they must have a margin of 3 goals or more. If the winning margin is 2 goals or less, or if they draw or lose, the underdog wins the bet.


The above guidelines betting tips website provide accurate and simple explanations for common football betting handicaps that Wintips wants to share with investors. Understanding these handicap bets will make it easy for you to participate in betting.


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