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[[[watch tv**]**]] Benfica vs Inter live video 11 April 2023

[Live-] SL Benfica vs. Inter live video 11. 04. 2023 (#1) · Issues · Group / SL Benfica vs Inter live video 11 04 2023 · GitLab [Live-] SL Benfica vs. 2023 (#1) · Issues · Group / SL Benfica vs Inter live video 11 04 2023 · GitLab Skip to content Open Issue created Apr 10, 2023 by Artem Victorov@webbor222Owner Diário de Notícias. 21 February 2007. Retrieved 10 March 2023. ^ "Rui Costa: «Próxima época é a última»" [Rui Costa: «The next season will be the last»]. 28 May 2007. ^ "Benfica 2–1 FC København".

Retrieved 22 December 2012. ^ "Holders begin with Benfica". UEFA (in Portuguese). 14 September 2007. ^ "Rui Costa futebolista do ano" [Rui Costa footballer of the year]. In his first full season with Benfica, he was featured regularly in Benfica's team. In his next two seasons, his role in the team would prove to be pivotal as Benfica captured two trophies. He formed a formidable midfield partnership with João Vieira Pinto. During his last two seasons with Benfica in his first spell with the club, he won the Taça de Portugal in 1993 and the Portuguese First Division title in 1993–94.

[9][10] This would be Benfica's last league title for 11 years. [11] Fiorentina[edit] At the end of his third season in Benfica's senior squad, Fiorentina offered 1, 200 million escudos (approximately €6 million)[citation needed] for the young midfielder. [31] Prior to the end of the season, Costa announced the following one would be his last as a professional.

[32] After assuring the qualification to the Champions League group stage, which included a brace from Costa against Copenhagen, [33] Benfica was drawn against Costa's former club Milan. [34]; he returned to play one last time at the San Siro on 18 September 2007. Costa remained a first team choice under José Antonio Camacho and Fernando Chalana and his displays would earn him the SJPF Player of the Month award for September 2007 and Benfica's Player of the Year award for 2007. [35] Costa played his final match on 11 May 2008 at the Estádio da Luz against Vitória de Setúbal.


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