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Bri Held

Working with Jason alongside Catalyst Physical Therapy gave me not only the physical, but mental push to get back to the game of lacrosse following my ACL reconstruction surgery in 2017. Enduring such an intense injury with a prolonged recovery process is very traumatic and challenging to comprehend. It is especially difficult to keep such a positive mindset and outlook on the future, especially being a 17-year-old about to begin your collegiate career the next year. Thanks to Jason, I was able to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I actually ended up gaining more physical strength and endurance than I ever had before PT. I was given the confidence that I would be able to not only continue my lacrosse career, but perform with greater levels of stability and intensity while I did it. Jason held me accountable for everything I did, which I hated in the moment :), but ended up making me a better individual overall. Joking around and talking about how the week was going was something I always looked forward to every session, as Jason always makes all his patients feel comfortable and welcome. Thanks to the staff at Catalyst PT, I was able to have a full recovery from my ACL tear, played all four years on Salisbury University Women’s Lacrosse Team, and ended being a starter on the 2021Women’s Lacrosse National Championship Team.

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