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Katie Thompson

Jason and Catalyst Physical Therapy have helped me through so much more than injuries.   As a super active kid, I had many injuries which resulted in me going to physical therapy when I was only ten where I first met Jason. Jason is not only good at his job, he is insanely personable and kind. Always checking in on my mental state as an athlete and encouraging me to push myself to be the best version of me. Later on, when I had two major knee surgeries my senior year of high school, I spent a ton of time rehabbing with the Catalyst crew to get back to playing the sports that I loved. On the days I was sore and dreaded rehabbing, Jason was always there to remind me what I was working towards. Fast forward to my senior year of college, I now play division I lacrosse at my dream school, University of North Carolina where I have won 2 ACC Championships and a 22-0 perfect season National Championship! I wouldn’t be the athlete or person I am today without Jason and my Catalyst Family who has had to deal with me for far too long!

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